Corporate & Custom Gifting

We produce all our packaging in-house, from design through manufacturing. This allows us to customize the design inside and out to impress your clients!

Whether you’re a realtor looking to put your clients house on the front of a chocolate bar (and the foyer on the inside of the package!), or adding your corporate logo to client gifts, we’re able to work with you.

Our Gift Boxes are designed to hold 4 Chocolate Bars with beautiful presentation.

Please contact us to discuss your needs!

Contact Us for a Quote

Are you looking for a single flavor or a selection of flavors?
You can either be exact ("250") or specify a range ("20-30")
What turnaround time do you need to complete your project?
How many addresses are we shipping to? If all bars are being shipped to your address, type "1". If you plan on picking up your order, type "Pickup".
Please provide as much detail as possible regarding the scope and details of your project, as well as what kind of customization you're looking for. Do you want to add your Logo and/or a Message to our existing packages? Do you want to replace our Artwork with Your Artwork? Or do you need the entire package redesigned? What is the occasion for the gift? Client Gift, Employee Gifts, Real Estate Closing, Wedding, Birthday, etc.