The Perfect Custom Gift

  • Corporate Sales
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Special Events & Occasions
  • Hospitality, Tourism, & Resorts
  • Luxury Auto Sales
  • And many more!

Customize Your Look

No cheesy stickers here! We can customize the actual packaging of any of our chocolate bars to suit your exact needs.

Whether adding your logo or message to our existing artwork, or using your artwork entirely, we can help you create a gift that leaves a lasting impression.

No Project Too Small

Because all of our packaging is produced 100% In-House, we can accommodate even the smallest order for just a single chocolate bar!

Design fees start at only $9 depending on complexity.

Contact Us to discuss your needs by completing the Quote Request form below.

A Truly Unique Gift for a Lasting Impression

We’re not just a Chocolate Company. We understand Corporate Culture and Sales, coming from backgrounds in Financial Services and IT. We understand how Image and Impression can make the difference between Standing Out or Sitting Out.

There’s some huge names out there in Chocolate, but if we put ourselves on the receiving end for a moment, what would leave a lasting impression for you? A readily available grocery store brand of chocolate with your logo slapped on the front? Or truly artisanal, handmade craft chocolate, made with the same impeccable attention to detail that you offer to your clients?

Production Scheduling & Capacity

We are a Micro Batch chocolate producer. This means we pay extreme attention to detail on every single product we produce, with full control over every aspect of the process.

It also means that our production capacity and scheduling is flexible but limited. Please contact us with details of your project as early as possible!

Contact Us for a Quote

Are you looking for a single flavor or a selection of flavors?
You can either be exact ("250") or specify a range ("20-30")
What turnaround time do you need to complete your project?
How many addresses are we shipping to? If all bars are being shipped to your address, type "1". If you plan on picking up your order, type "Pickup".
Please provide as much detail as possible regarding the scope and details of your project, as well as what kind of customization you're looking for. Do you want to add your Logo and/or a Message to our existing packages? Do you want to replace our Artwork with Your Artwork? Or do you need the entire package redesigned? What is the occasion for the gift? Client Gift, Employee Gifts, Real Estate Closing, Wedding, Birthday, etc.