"To Make Exceptional Chocolate, you need to start with exceptional ingredients"

Direct Trade Cacao

Cacao Beans sourced directly from the Growers or their Co-Operatives. Ethically & Sustainably Grown.

Organic Cacao Butter

Tanzanian and Peruvian Cacao Butter from the same high quality cacao beans we use to make our Chocolate.

Unrefined Sugar Cane

Hand Harvested, Unrefined Sugar Cane Juice. Sustainably Grown with an unmatched depth of flavor.

Organic, Grass-Fed A2 Milk​

Dairy sourced from a Family Owned, Certified Regenerative, Organic Dairy Farm with a herd that produces only rich and creamy A2/A2 Milk.

Organic Oat Milk

Certified Organic Oats and Natural Enzymes are all you'll find in our Oat Milk. No fillers, gums, or preservatives here!

Real Fruits

Real Fruits. Real Fruit Juices or Fruit Extracts. Real Food. Real Ingredients. Never Artificial.

Wild Harvest Vanilla

Real Vanilla Beans grown in the wild, hand harvested from Uganda, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia.

Florida Grown Whenever We Can

We Support Local. Florida and USA Grown ingredients whenever we can!