This is why we became Chocolate Makers
Sure, we love creating unique flavors, and always focus on accenting the natural flavors of cacao rather than masking them with an overlay of candy flavoring oils.

But this… THIS is what made us fall in love with chocolate in the first place. Every region in which cacao is grown imparts its own unique flavors in the chocolate. Sometimes they are subtle, sometimes they are bold, but they are never boring.

Our Origins Collection celebrates just that – the uniqueness of the origin, and the dedication the farmers put into growing their unique crops. It is a collection of pure, unadulterated, single-origin chocolate, each from their own corner of the world.

Cacao bean crops and availability vary every year. We do our best to keep a healthy selection of these chocolate bars in stock, but cacao origins sometimes disappear on us and we have to wait a year or more for it to come back.