• 40% Tanzanian Milk Chocolate Quick View
    • Award Winning
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      40% Tanzanian Milk Chocolate Quick View
    • 40% Tanzanian Milk Chocolate

    • $12.00
    • 2023 International Chocolate Salon Awards Winner Gold "Best Milk Chocolate Bar" Bronze "Best Chocolate Bar" "...was their strongest entry in my opinion. The bar was well made with a medium snap and smooth texture." -2023 "Top Chocolate Bar" Judge "...they used a milk that is considered tastier and easier to digest than regular whole milk. I found the bar to…
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  • 47% Mocha Latté Quick View
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      47% Mocha Latté Quick View
    • 47% Mocha Latté

    • $12.00
    • Is there anything better than sipping on a Mocha Latté on a Sunday drive? Featuring Organic, Fair Trade coffee beans roasted right here in Florida, this chocolate bar is the perfect balance of Chocolatey, Sweet, Milky, and just the right amount of Espresso. When we were faced with supply issues for our rare Marañón Canyon (Peruvian) cacao that we originally…
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  • 70% Intense Milk Quick View
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      70% Intense Milk Quick View
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    • 70% Intense Milk

    • $12.00
    • Milk Chocolate with absolutely No Sugar, No Sweeteners, No Honey, No Dates, No Coconut Sugar. Just Cacao Beans, Grass-Fed A2 Organic Milk, and a light Tahitian Vanilla infusion just to round out the flavors. Just 70% Cacao, and 30% Milk. We are extremely excited for our first release of this Intense Milk bar! A concept that dawned on us back…
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