47% Spanish Horchata


2023 International Chocolate Salon Awards Winner
Gold ‚ÄúBest Flavored Vegan Chocolate‚ÄĚ
Silver “Best Tasting Vegan¬†Chocolate”
‚ÄúBest Texture Vegan Chocolate‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúSandhill bars had excellent texture/flavor and beautiful packaging.‚ÄĚ
-2023 ‚ÄúTop Chocolate Bar‚ÄĚ Judge

When most people hear the word “Horchata,” they usually think of the Mexican or Latin American style, which is made with Rice Milk and Cinnamon. However, there’s a lesser-known version of Horchata that originated in Valencia, Spain, where they use Tiger Nuts, also known as Chufa Nuts. In the Spanish Horchata, these Tiger Nuts are soaked overnight, blended, and then strained to create a wonderfully smooth nutty tasting milk. By adding some sugar, a touch of cinnamon, and sometimes a hint of lemon, you get a delightful Spanish Horchata.

Inspired by this concept, we decided to incorporate Tiger Nut Milk into our own velvety smooth chocolate bar, using Tiger Nuts grown in Spain. We sweetened it with our Unrefined Sugar Cane Juice, added a dash of freshly ground cinnamon, and instead of lemon, we combined it with our Tanzanian cacao, which brings its own natural citrus notes to the blend. The result? A unique, plant-based milk-style chocolate bar that offers a taste experience unlike any other!

Did you know that Tiger Nuts, or Chufa Nuts, are not nuts at all? They are, in fact, tubers. Despite their name, these tubers possess a distinct natural nutty flavor and inherent sweetness. The term “Tiger Nut” is derived from their striped appearance, adding to their unique character.

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Milk Chocolate



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Unrefined Sugar Cane Juice

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Dairy Free, Plant Based, Raw & Natural Sugar, Award Winning


Spices/Herbs, Tiger Nut