64% Lavender


In our quest to prioritize locally sourced ingredients, we were thrilled to discover Lavender grown right here in Florida, at a small lavender farm near Panama City in the Florida Panhandle!

Armed with freshly harvested lavender, we really took one for the team as we embarked on a lengthy journey of taste testing a lot of chocolate! After countless hours of analyzing chocolate flavors, we think we found the perfect combination that beautifully showcases both the Lavender and the Cacao. Enter: A flavorful-yet-delicate cacao from the Ocumare region of Venezuela.

This delectable creation boasts a well-balanced symphony of flavors, with delicate notes of Fudge, Dried Fruits, and Nuts, accented beautifully with the floral essence of lavender.

Neither the Chocolate nor the Lavender dominate. Rather, it is a harmonious co-existance. At 64% this dark chocolate leans towards the sweeter side, offering the perfect level of sweetness without being cloying. The exceptionally low bitterness ensures it doesn’t detract from the delightful floral experience.

This one will definitely require a little self-control to pace it appropriately. Or not!

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Cacao Content


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Dark Chocolate



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Unrefined Sugar Cane Juice

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Dairy Free, Plant Based, Raw & Natural Sugar