80% Dark Orange


2023 International Chocolate Salon Awards Winner
Gold “Best Flavored Chocolate Bar”
Silver “Best Dark Chocolate Bar”

“This bar carries with it the wisdom of grandmothers, the memories of their stories told by the fire in late summer evenings… a warm and mythic flavor of clove that mixes with oranges and figs and sends you off to a soul-filling dreamland.”
-2023 “Top Chocolate Bar” Judge

“…the balance of ingredients was perfect, not too sweet, with a subtle lingering taste of orange on the tongue.”
-2023 “Top Chocolate Bar” Judge

We were so blown away at the unique flavors we were able to bring out with our 80% Semuliki Forest dark chocolate bar, that we contemplated retiring, quitting while we were ahead, and let people fondly remember one of the best chocolate bars we ever created while we ride off into the sunset.

But then we came to our senses, realized bills would go unpaid and fans disappointed, so we said, “what if it could be even better?”

Slow-Infused with Ugandan Vanilla Beans and just a dash of Orange, and some might say that we outdid ourselves. Mostly us. We say that. But that doesn’t make it untrue ?

This is a Fantastic Dark Chocolate with Orange. Smooth and creamy, light Floral Vanilla notes, with natural undertones of Fig Jam, Plum Wine, and warm spices like cloves & cinnamon. Nothing is overpowering, it all just works in perfect balance and harmony.

It’s quite low bitter as far as an 80% chocolate goes, with heaps of flavor that’ll keep you guessing every time you let it melt in your mouth.

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Cacao Content


Chocolate Style

Dark Chocolate



Sweetened With

Unrefined Sugar Cane Juice

Specialty Features

Dairy Free, Plant Based, Raw & Natural Sugar, Award Winning