47% Mocha Latté


Is there anything better than sipping on a Mocha Latté on a Sunday drive? Featuring Organic, Fair Trade coffee beans roasted right here in Florida, this chocolate bar is the perfect balance of Chocolatey, Sweet, Milky, and just the right amount of Espresso.

When we were faced with supply issues for our rare Marañón Canyon (Peruvian) cacao that we originally used for this flavor, we had to go through the painstaking effort of tasting a lot of chocolate until we found the perfect balance of flavors to hit the high note our customers expect from this popular flavor.

Our verdict? An incredible cacao grown on smallholder farms in Belize, offering amazing nutty notes with ever so slight hints of dried fruits and tamarind.

If you loved our original Mocha Latté bar, we promise you’ll love this one! Dare we say, perhaps even a little more?

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Cacao Content


Chocolate Style

Milk Chocolate



Sweetened With

Unrefined Sugar Cane Juice



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Raw & Natural Sugar