All Orders Ship with our No-Melt Guarantee!

We are a Florida Based Chocolate Maker.
We have Chocolate Shipping down to a science!

Our Promise To You

If your order arrives melted, please send us photos immediately and we’ll ship out a replacement order. If any of the items in your order became out of stock you will be refunded those items.

How We Ship

Thick Foam-Lined envelopes are packed with 1-2 bricks of ice stored in our specialized freezers at -40F. We pack and ship orders near the end of the day so we can drop them off at UPS as late as possible to minimize time spent in-transit during sunshine hours.

All orders are shipped UPS Ground if the order will arrive within 2 Days, or UPS 2-Day for further away destinations.

All we ask from you…

is to keep an eye on the Tracking Information and your local weather, so that you may get the chocolate into the house as soon as reasonably possible if it’s warm out (80-85F+),  particularly sunny, or if your UPS Driver likes to leave packages sitting in direct sun just for fun.

Please don’t let it sit on your porch in the hot sun all afternoon after delivery.

Orders Ship Mondays & Tuesdays

We ship all online orders on Mondays or Tuesdays. Occasionally, time-permitting, we may get orders out other days of the week, and some exceptions can be made by request.


We monitor weather conditions both at our location as well as your location, and may hold a package a day or two if it’ll be notably cooler weather.

Shipping over Weekends & Holidays

We will not ship a temperature-sensitive package if it will be held over a weekend or holiday if the climate is on the hot side at either our location, the destination, or en-route.

Delivery Day Preferences

If you have a specific day you’d prefer to receive your package, please include it in the order notes. We will do our best to accommodate you.

You may specify a shipping address that is different to your billing address if you prefer to have your order delivered to a family member, friend, neighbor, or your work.

Chocolate Bars

If your chocolate arrived a little soft but still in the form of a chocolate bar, you should be able to just put it in a cool room, or a fridge, and it’ll firm right up again. This is fairly common during hot weather.

If it arrived as a puddle, soup, or chocolate sauce, or looks like it was at some point a puddle that re-solidified, then take a photo and send to us, and we’ll ship out a replacement order as quickly as possible!

No need to send anything back, just use the chocolate for a delicious hot chocolate drink, melt it over ice cream, or bake some brownies with it!

Melted Chocolate is not Bad Chocolate!

Please use it for drinking, baking, or dipping things in.

Sipping Chocolate

Our No-Melt Guarantee does not apply to Drinking Chocolate. Since the end-goal of Drinking Chocolate is to melt it, we do not consider it a temperature-sensitive item.

We use UPS almost exclusively. Occasionally we may use USPS under specific circumstances or by special request.

Not at this time, but please do inquire with us. We use customer requests to decide how to operate our business, and if we are aware of many international customers requesting our chocolate, we will devote the R&D time into the logistics challenges required to accommodate.