Interested in stocking our products in your Brick & Mortar retail store?

While we are happy to consider inquiries from any type of retailer, we are particularly looking for partnerships with…

  • Specialty Foods
  • Local/Artisan Focus
  • Bookshops
  • Premium Gift Shops
  • Wineries, Breweries, Distilleries
  • Craft Coffee Shops
  • Wine Bars
  • Specialty Chocolate Outlets

We offer Free Delivery, Low MOQ’s (No Minimum when picked up from our factory location), and a flexible exchange program while we help you dial-in the ideal product selection for your shop!

Outside of Florida
Sorry, at this time we do not ship wholesale orders Out of State. You are welcome to apply and we will keep your information on file for the future.

Customized Themed Packaging
Because we produce all our packaging in-house, there are cases where we may be able to customize our packaging to fit the theme of your store.

Some Themes we have catered to are Horses/Equestrian, Horror/Spooky, Science/Space Exploration, etc.

If you operate a Themed Gift Shop or Specialty Shop, please indicate so in the form below as specifically as you can.

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate Low Volume bulk chocolate. If you are looking to contract an order of 100-400lbs per month of untempered couverture or baking chocolate, please contact us to discuss a custom production.

Wholesale Inquiry

If your business type isn't listed, please include additional information below.
Please be realistic - we use this information to manage our production volumes and keep stock available for everyone.
Please provide more details of your customization ideas in the Additional Information section below. Please note that we do not offer custom flavor development at this time.
Tell us about your business - size, employees, number of locations, goals, where you see our products fitting in, etc.