35% Classic White


We have made over a dozen different formulations of White Chocolate the past few years. They’re always good, but they always fall short of what we really want to see from a white chocolate. We think we finally nailed it with this one! If you haven’t tried our white chocolate since October 2023, we encourage you to try our latest version.

We use our own house blend of cacao butters from several different origins, and hit the right balance of milky, creamy, sweet-but-not-crazy-sweet. As with all our milk chocolates, we use only the highest quality of Grass-Fed A2/A2 Organic Milk, from the happiest cows in California.

If you’ve ever said “White Chocolate is too sweet,” or “White Chocolate isn’t Real Chocolate,” then you should give this one a try. We’ll bet it changes your mind on White Chocolate!

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White Chocolate


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